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Whether you look for a great pilgrim gift, or for a way to stand out on your Camino, or for a funny t-shirt that will help you break the ice in the meetings with strangers in Spain, or simply for a nice memory of your long walk, you will find what you need in our Camino shop. Now we sell through Amazon, which means that you can get any product from the following Amazon locales (COM, CO.UK, IT, FR, ES, DE), benefiting from free shipping, amazing customer servicefree returns, and all other advantages buying on Amazon offers, when compared to other shopping places.

Anytime you buy one of our products from Amazon, we earn a small commission, ranging from $1 to $5, depending on the product you buy. In this way you help to support this website, so we can continue to create amazing FREE guides for the Caminos, and other content that helps countless pilgrims around the world each month. Thank you for your generosity and buen Camino!

Matej, founder of website

Here is the selection of our 7 most visited products on (you can click the design to go directly to

1. Walking is the best therapy for everything

2. Pilgrim in 5 different languages, female t-shirt

3. Camino del Norte – Done it & Love it

4. Seeking love on the way – for the brave 🙂

5. My Camino is Jesus

6. Free your mind on the Camino

7. My Camino is Love (female design)

Links to our shops on different Amazon locales, all products: * Remember that in order to see the products, you have to either be in the country, or change your shipping location for the country. For example, if you’re on, you have to choose a shipping address within the US, and if you’re on, you have to choose the shipping location within Spain. Thank you 🙂

* If you cannot find a specific product that you’ve seen on our website or elsewhere, please contact us and we will send you a direct link to that product on the Amazon marketplace of your choice. Thank you!

A few things you may want to know before purchasing:

  • Purchasing our products on Amazon, you benefit from all things you’d normally benefit from when buying anything else on your favorite Amazon: FREE shipping on orders over $35, Amazon Prime benefits, free returns, quick delivery, etc. 
  • All products are 100% designed by Camino Lovers team, and unique. You won’t find the same designs elsewhere, and if you do find such, it means someone stole them from us (thank you for letting us know in such a case :)).
  • We earn a small royalty from every sale made on Amazon (ranging from $1 to $5, depending on the product). It isn’t a lot of money, but it allows us to continue to run this website ad free, create new content for you and other pilgrims, and also to run our non-profit activities on the Camino. Thank you for your generosity and for giving back to the pilgrim community! Any questions or ideas, you can always write me at matej[at]caminolovers[dot]com. Buen Camino :).

Matej, founder of website